This is Gexsi’s impact in Austria, thanks to you!

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The social search engine Gexsi is now also available in Austria. Since the start of the cooperation this year, several projects related to Austria have already been supported. Here we present them.

Gexsi is a search engine that does good, and thus a strong alternative to Google. Because web searches have enormous potential to do positive things – on the one hand through their economic power and on the other through their ubiquity.

  • Who knows, for example, that Google earned $500 million through its search engine last quarter? And this per day, every day. At Gexsi, the revenue generated through search queries is used to support innovative social projects.
  • The projects supported by Gexsi also benefit from the visibility generated by the search engine. After all, we all use search engines every day and make about 100 search queries a month. Therefore, there are more than enough opportunities to make the supported projects known, share the stories behind the projects, and thus inspire a large number of people. Because all the solutions presented have one thing in common: they help to change the world in a positive way in an innovative way.

The still-young startup from Berlin is now also represented in Austria. Thanks to initial support from the Austrian Development Agency, the agency of the Austrian Development Cooperation, and strong partners such as the business network respACT or the Social Entrepreneurship Network Austria (SENA), Gexsi is in the process of building a community of users and identifying strong impact projects.

Four projects related to Austria have already been supported. Here we present them:

Recycle plastic anywhere in the world

Plasticpreneur develops and sells machines that can recycle plastic waste anywhere in the world – even in small quantities. The startup from Lower Austria thus helps local initiatives around the world to turn waste into valuable products. In doing so, Plasticpreneur fills a gap. Because the recycling of plastic waste has so far mostly only been thought of on a large industrial scale.

The proceeds from the Gexsi search engine will be used to finance a machine that will enable villages in Nepal to upcycle plastic waste in a variety of ways in the future. These can be items for local use, such as bowls or cups, or even souvenirs for tourists. In this way, tourists can take their waste home again in a new form and also strengthen the project financially.

© Plasticpreneur

Plasticpreneur develops and distributes machines, with which
can recycle plastic waste anywhere in the world


Inclusion through the refurbishment of used IT equipment

AfB refurbishes used IT equipment and in doing so creates permanent jobs for people with disabilities on a large scale. Equipment that can no longer be marketed is dismantled and professionally recycled. This protects the environment and saves a considerable amount of CO2 and raw materials. AfB stands for “Work for People with Disabilities”. All process steps are barrier-free. At AfB, people with and without disabilities work hand in hand.

And that’s not all. In many cases, AfB adds another dimension to its positive impact. Companies often donate their used IT hardware to non-profit inclusion organizations. This enables them to make refurbished hardware available free of charge to social initiatives such as Jesuit Worldwide Learning, Mobile Learning, or Labdoo.

© AfB

AfB creates jobs for people with disabilities on a large scale
and at the same time makes the IT industry greener.


A disability becomes a gift

Discovering Hands trains blind women to become medical tactile examiners for the early detection of breast cancer. This is because the sense of touch of blind people is usually much more sensitive than that of people without visual impairments. In this way, Discovering Hands turns an impairment into an aptitude. The positive effect is twofold: improved early detection of breast cancer and a new job profile for visually impaired women.

One focus of Discovering Hands in Vienna is training by medical tactile examiners for breast self-examination. For this purpose, Discovering Hands works closely with companies that offer this service to their female employees on site.

© Discovering Hands

Discovering Hands trains blind women to become
medical tactile examiners for early breast cancer detection.


Clean energy for remote island worlds

Swimsol is developing floating solar systems that supply islands in the Maldives with clean energy and replace the existing diesel generators – and do so without consuming additional land. In this way, the Viennese company not only contributes to climate protection but also reduces the risk of oil spilling into the sea during transport and destroying the protected coral reefs.

Even if, in the first step, mainly vacation resorts benefit from the technology. In the future, there will be many opportunities to improve the living conditions of people in remote regions in many parts of the world with the help of floating solar systems.

Swimsol was the first project that Gexsi had supported in Austria. Unlike the current projects above, the support here already took place during the beta phase of the search engine – in the form of participation in Swimsol’s crowdfunding campaign at that time.

© Swimsol

Swimsol is developing floating solar power systems that will supply
islands in the Maldives with clean energy without using up land.

A Rich Social Entrepreneurship Scene in Austria

Do you already know our blog series “17 Goals”, in which we present over 50 innovative social enterprises from Austria? Take a look. These are thematically clustered as follows (as of November 2021):


What can we expect next year?

In 2022, we plan to support at least three more social entrepreneurship projects from Austria. For this, we will work closely with our partners and engage the community. This includes the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), the agency of the Austrian development cooperation, as well as networks such as respACT, the Social Entrepreneurship Network Austria (SENA), Impact Hub Tirol and Social Impact Award – all organizations or initiatives which identify or work with outstanding social impact projects made in Austria..

Project ideas for our watchlist are also welcome now. You can use this form (in German) for this purpose.



This post is part of the Gexsi Austria blog series and is supported by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) with funds from the Austrian Development Cooperation.