We respect your privacy

We want you to be able to search the Internet without worries. With Gexsi, we offer you an Internet search engine that has made the protection of your privacy and the security of your data its guiding principle. We believe that your data belongs to you alone. As a social business, we are committed to the common good and not primarily to profit-driven external investors. We place the protection of your privacy at the center of our actions.

1. We enable you to use Google in a well-dosed way

Google is probably the most intelligent search engine in the world. This has its price. With its multitude of services, Google is virtually omnipresent. This allows the company to create a detailed user profile of you from various linked data points. Even though we have a high degree of confidence that Google will handle your data correctly. The so-called “data bubble” is a potential source of abuse. You can prevent this with Gexsi.

Gexsi allows you to search the Internet outside the Google sphere. At the same time, we don’t want you to have to sacrifice the comfort you’ve come to expect from Google. Therefore, we have integrated a Google navigation bar on our results page. This allows you to read out your search query directly on Google without having to enter it again. This also applies to links to Google Maps, Google Images, Google Videos or Google News.

Especially if you use various Google applications in your everyday life, you can significantly increase the protection of your privacy by removing an important component – Google Search – and choosing Gexsi as your default search engine. Of course, by switching to Google here and there via our navigation bar, you’ll increase your digital footprint on Google. But like so much else in the world, it’s a question of dosage. From isolated search queries, fewer insights can be derived that reveal personal information about you than if you only used Google search.

We even go one step further. Many of the websites you’re looking for can be accessed directly through Gexsi ‘s auto-complete feature. Whenever you use this feature, you skip the actual Internet search and further reduce your digital footprint. In this case, you leave no trace with neither Google nor Bing.

2. We offer you Gexsi with a secure legal frame

Gexsi is subject to German data protection law. This creates transparency, as a large number of aspects that are important to us are regulated by the legal framework. For example: Your IP address as an identifier transmitted by your computer with every search query will only be stored anonymously and be deleted automatically. In addition, all data must be transmitted through secure encryption technologies. As a European search engine, we comply with all applicable data protection laws of the EU, including the very strict General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In addition, we work exclusively with technology partners who are subject to the European Data Protection Directive or – in the case of partners outside the European Union – who have been certified to voluntarily comply with the GDPR.  Unlike in the US, for example, European governments cannot legally force service providers such as Gexsi to implement a comprehensive spyware program.

3. We ensure that you are in control of your data

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to protect your privacy. We do not collect user information from you, nor do we have insight into your searches. We work with technology partners who do not sell your information and searches to advertisers. To analyze the performance of our search engine, we use an open source tool that maximizes privacy. We’ve also set a higher level of protection against inappropriate content than most other search engines. Because we want to be a family-friendly search engine.

Yet, we can’t offer 100% security either. As a B Corp certified social business we are committed to the public good. It is our policy to take these issues seriously, to communicate openly and to transparently and continuously work on solutions to further improve the protection of your privacy.