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Upcycling of PET-bottles to fight energy poverty

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16.08.2019 — BBC

#FillTheBottle ... with cigarette butts

A new campaign launched by a group of french teenagers is helping to keep Paris's streets clean. #FillTheBottle motivates people to collect cigarette butts in plastic...

Photo: Amel Talha via

16.08.2019 — BBC

New Ebola drugs show ‘90 percent survival rate’

According to scientits, Ebola may soon be a treatable disease after a trial of two drugs showed significantly improved survival...

Photo: Reuters via

16.08.2019 — The Straits Times

Racial harmony improving in Singapore, study finds

It finds most respondents embrace racial diversity, adopt colour-blindness in social interaction and...

Photo: Gavin Foo via

16.08.2019 — Citylab

How Boston saved $5 million by routing school buses with an algorithm

Boston Public Schools allows parents to choose their child’s school, in an effort to reduce inequalities that might result from keeping students in their neighborhoods. This means bus routes can be...

Photo: Julio Cortez/AP via

16.08.2019 — Global Citizen

'Art maps' are helping women in India start their own businesses

The project has helped more than 5,000 women earn a sustainable income in Tamil...

Photo: Thomson Reuters Foundation/Anuradha Nagaraj via

16.08.2019 — We choose optimism!

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At a time when negative headlines dominate reality, our app keeps you happy, motivated and inspired. But in order to remain independent and free-of-charge, we need your support. If you’re able to,...

14.08.2019 — NPR

'Silent Book Clubs' allow introverts to socialize and meet new people

Whether in Pakistan, Hong Kong or the Netherlands, this new concept is offering book lovers and introverts an opportunity to trade book recommendations and connect with like-minded...

Illustration: Jonathan McHugh/Getty Images/Ikon Images via

14.08.2019 — Upworthy

'Public pantries' all around the world are helping to fight hunger

The Little Free Pantry concept provides hungry people with food on-demand while encouraging community-based solutions and reducing food...

Photo: Little Free Pantry Project / Instagram via

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