Your Impact

Thanks to your search with Gexsi and the searches of many others we could support more than 30 projects already, with funding provided to each project increasing significantly over time. We are proud that to date we managed to allocate 100% of all the revenues which we generated through the Gexsi search engine, to our constantly growing impact portfolio.

Find below more information on how we support the 17 Global Goals (SDGs) and the way how we supported each project.


These Sustainable Development Goals were covered by projects you have supported so far


We disclose all information about funds we collect and how we use them.
The data is updated regularly on this page.

Here you find information about the Gexsi Impact Challenges.


In principle, we aim to correlate the amounts we receive in a given period with the amount of support given to the project presented in that period. However, this is only an orientation marker, not a fixed rule. Accordingly, we reserve the right:

  • to round up or round down the amounts raised during the respective project period and to allocate the difference to other projects or
  • withhold part of the revenue for specific projects. This also includes, for example, projects  that could only be supported with symbolic amounts during the beta phase, to support financially at a later time beyond plan – and to communicate this accordingly.
  • to use part of the income to cover our own costs.

During the beta phase we passed on all income to our project partners. It is intended to budget a moderate amount for the next phase to cover our costs. Our own costs will be kept low by pro bono activities and by other sources. Such as sources of the founders themselves, grants or other services through with which we generate funds; see the Source of Funds table on the Ethical Standards page.

A support of the projects by editorial services, social media work, as well as the reach of the Gexsi website or our media partners is not covered so far, but is an important contribution to give visibility to the projects supported by us.

Our aim is to use the funds as effectively and bureaucratically as possible for our partners. Support can take the form of a donation, a participation in a crowdfunding campaign, an investment or the assumption of costs, such as journalistic services from partners in our network.

If we purchase products or services as part of a crowdfunding campaign, we then raffle them within our community.

Money that is invested leads to a financial return in the event of success. This is recorded as part of our reporting of income and expenses. These returns are additional, unplanned earnings and offer us additional room for manoeuvre. Thanks to our foundation roof, all profits remain within a charitable framework anyway. 

The payment of funds to our project partners does not always take place at the same time as their entry in the impact table. The reason for this is that although our income is recorded in real time by the search engine, the actual payment of the amounts is delayed by several weeks. The table reports on the commitments. Any discrepancies are corrected accordingly.

The column labeled Bing Revenue records all revenue that Gexsi generates through sponsored ads from Bing on our site, which is the core of our business model. For more details on our revenue and cost structure, see below under “Our promise of transparency”.