Helping Hands – Neighborhood support app

Helping Hands – Neighborhood support app


Fighting Corona together through a neighborhood support app

The corona virus makes the daily life extremely challenging for many people. This is especially true when they should or are not allowed to leave their own home. For these people it is sometimes difficult to get fresh food or other everyday items. Others have pets that have to go out regularly or other obligations that they cannot meet.

Helping Hands is a web-based app that brings people who need help together with people who offer help. It is a fact: Many people want to help in this exceptional situation, but don’t know how.

Whether it’s shopping, going for a walk or just a friendly chat – everyone can do something to make others feel better during this time!

Who is behind Helping Hands

The initiative was initiated by three graduates of the WHU Business School with a track record in IT and business development. As Paul, Jan and Arne put is: “During normal times, we build software companies. However, right now we need to put our abilities to a different use.” Their vision clearly is international. For this reason the App launches in several countries, such as the US, Italy, and Germany.

How Helping Hands contributes to the 17 Global Goals

Good health and Well-Being

Halting the spread of the corona virus and improving the situation of affected people

Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

Strengthening the civil society to make the society more inclusive.

Reduced Inequalities

Help anyone who needs support, regardless of their financial or social status, age or background.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Engaging citizens for neighborhood support

Partnerships for the Goals

Connecting people who would otherwise not come together in everyday situations.

Project Assessment

You can access the full project assessment here:


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