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Foto Credit: Unsplash

Which start-up idea inspires you the most? Over the last days, we have presented a purpose-driven startup every day as part of our Impact Challenge with SensAbility. Your vote may make the difference when picking the winner.

In March, we had to cancel the Gexsi Social Pitch at the SensAbility Impact Summit at the WHU Business School. With your support, we now take-up the pitch digitally. Your vote counts in when deciding together with our jury on who will win the 2.500€ Impact Challenge Award.

VOTE now for your :herz: Social Startup!

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  • You can vote until Sunday 19 July 2020

In our Instagram Highlight Story “Social Pitch” you find videos of the founders of the projects – take a look!
All projects can also be found on the Facebook accounts of Gexsi and SensAbility.


The app engages your team in a playful way when selecting meaningful donation projects.


Anti-malaria protection for the rural population in Togo, packaged as an attractive body lotion.

Pompei Project

Fashionable upcycling – sportswear made from plastic collected straight from the ocean. 


The app enables shops to avoid paper waste due to printed sales receipts which nobody needs.

Mango Solar

Solar lighting made in Africa, robust, fair and sustainable. 


Pay online and generate a micro-donation with every transaction!


Urban Gardening for employees – shifting mindsets towards healthy food and zero-waste.

The Colony

Tiny Houses for urban areas – rehabilitating unused spaces with socially engaged communities.


Playing cards without stereotypes! Gender neutral, divers, colorful, and crade2cradle certified. 


Reusable dishes, easy to sign-up when ordering to-go through a smart App.  

«With our Impact Challenge we actively engage our community and give more projects additional media coverage. Moreover, we create new links to the Impact Community, like the SensAbility Impact Summit.» Andreas Renner, Co-Founder Gexsi