Safeguarding your privacy: The new Gexsi app with anti-tracking

As a non-profit search engine, safeguarding your privacy is a key priority for us. That’s why we’ve developed a new app for your daily web searches that effectively protects you and your privacy with top-class anti-tracking features.

Privacy Dashboard

Browser and web search
with better data protection

Our new browser app blocks unwanted advertising, has a built-in pop-up blocker and offers a comprehensive anti-tracking function that intercepts the transmission of unsafe data, thus protecting the user’s privacy.

The new privacy dashboard empowers you to watch what’s happening behind the websites which you visit and which advertising and analytics trackers are trying to collect data from you.

The highlights of the new App in a nutshell

Search and do good with the integrated Gexsi search

Gexsi is in principal an internet search engine like Google. The difference: We are 100% non-profit. We as the founders have transferred our company shares to a charitable foundation, the Good Impact Foundation. As an active user of the Gexsi search engine, you form part of a community which positively changes the world – one click at a time: With every search you generate revenues for innovative social projects that contribute to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Unlike other search engines, Gexsi does not create any user profiles.

«The protection of privacy on the net is an abstract issue. I don’t see who is following me on the net. This is exactly where the Gexsi App comes in, by making visible how many advertising and analysis trackers it is currently blocking during daily searches on the net.» Kevin Fuchs, Co-founder Gexsi

Available soon also for Android and Open Source

The Gexsi app is based on the mobile browser of Firefox and the technology of Cliqz. Currently, the new app is available for iOS (iPad and iPhone). The Android version is expected to be available in autumn. The Gexsi team wants to make the app available as an open source solution later this year.

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