OneDollarGlasses – Affordable eyecare for all

OneDollarGlasses – Affordable eyecare for all

Your Impact

Financing period: 4 December 2018 to 7 January 2019
With your help we will support the EinDollarBrille e.V. as follows:

  • Financial

    We are planning a donation in the amount of the income that will be realized during the financing phase via search ads.

  • Network

    We use the network to research further social innovations in the field and support them at a later stage, such as VisionSpring, Maghrabi Foundation and more.

  • Medien

    Storytelling über die Arbeit von OneDollarGlasses (EinDollarBrille) ist fest eingeplant als Teil unserer künftigen Medienarbeit.

Help for 150 million people

The non-profit social enterprise founded by Martin Aufmuth in Erlangen near Nuremberg has developed a “help-to-help” approach that enables people in economically weak regions to produce and market glasses that even the poorest of the poor can afford. The basis is a pair of glasses that can be inexpensively manufactured by local micro-enterprises using four simple components. EinDollarBrille e.V. is currently training local specialists in eight countries to manufacture and sell one-dollar spectacles and, in cooperation with ophthalmologists and opticians, has developed a training concept that enables local teams to reliably find the best possible spherical spectacle lens during the eye test. After “start-up financing” to set up the structures for production and sales, the project is self-financing. Disadvantaged groups such as the physically handicapped are also actively involved in the training of manufacturers and sellers of single-dollar spectacles. The latest version of the bending machine is designed in such a way that it can even be operated by blind people.

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Why chosen

People 90%
Affordable visual aid for all; integration of disadvantaged groups
Planet 70%
Local production protects the environment
Profit 85%
Micro-franchise system that is financially self-sustaining
Innovation 75%
New player in a strongly underserved market
Win-win 65%
Strong references, local initiative with worldwide influence


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