Conflictfood – Peacebuilding through trade

Conflictfood – Peacebuilding through trade

Your Impact

Financing period: 24.07.2018 to 31.08.2018
With your help we have supported the ConflictFood Startup as follows:

  • Financial

    For 50€ we bought the “Peace Pack Quartet” for the enormous shop and will raffle the products (2 teas, saffron, roasted wheat) in our community.

  • Network

    We are networked with many social startups and are happy to help with contacts and intros, e.g. Conflict Food with regard to a possible certification as Certified B Corp.

  • Media

    Conflict Food already has an enormous partnership with our media partner; further stories and project updates are planned as part of our regular media work.

The Taste of Peace

The Founders of Conflictfood, Salem El-Mogaddedi and Gernot Würtenberger

War, crises and poverty are commonplace in many countries. The founders of Conflictfood, Salem El-Mogaddedi and Gernot Würtenberger, no longer wanted to watch and set off. Since 2016, the two have been travelling to conflict regions in search of the best agricultural products typical of their country. Because there are culinary treasures to be discovered in the world’s cuisines. Through fair and direct trade with small farmers, Conflictfood creates new perspectives. This opens up ways out of poverty and fights the root causes of flight.

Who is behind it?

In winter 2015, the two founders travelled privately to Kabul to visit an NGO project. There they learned more by chance that the saffron harvest had begun in Herat and that there is an independent women’s collective there that has managed the transition from opium to saffron. Curiously, they flew to the west of the country and visited the women. Impressed by their work and their stories, Conflictfood was born.

More information:

Why chosen

At first glance, it seems almost impossible to strengthen people in crisis regions with a “help-to-self help” approach. Conflict Food does just that. And it also creates an emotional connection between us as consumers and the local people. Credibility is ensured by strong references from our environment: the Social Impact Lab in Berlin, the crowdfunding platform Startnext and our media partner, who recently added Conflict Food to its shop.

People 90%
Strengthening and valuing small farmers in crisis regions
Planet 75%
Strengthening traditional, sustainable cultivation methods
Profit 90%
Conflict Food uses trade for a good cause
Innovation 70%
Retail is one of the oldest trades; Conflict Food′s focus is innovative.
Win-win 85%
Good ″fit″ thanks to strong references from our media partner and others.



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