App against Plastic Waste

App against Plastic Waste

Your Impact

Financing period: 26.05.2018 to 25.06.2018
With your help we have supported the association Coast against Plastic with its plastic app as follows:

  • Financial

    We have a yearly membership in the association Coast against Plastic in the amount of 12€ per year.

  • Network

    We are networked with various initiatives in the field of “plastic // sea” and are happy to help with contacts and intros if required.

  • Media

    Our media partner has already written enormously about the PlastikApp (in advance); further stories and project updates are planned for a later date.

For a future without plastic waste in the sea

Plastic floods our seas. In the most remote places of the world, microplastics, the tiny abrasion of plastic cups, packaging and bags, can now be found. The problem is well known, but many manufacturers react paralyzingly slowly. Individually packed biscuits, fruit wrapped in plastic or hard plastic trays that are disposed of immediately in the waste bin after being used once – the packaging rage knows no bounds. There are still many companies in the cosmetics industry that deliberately bury their products like peelings in microplastics.

Many companies argue that consumers want this type of packaging. The Coast versus Plastic Association has developed an app to show that this is not the case. After downloading the Replace Plastic app, a scanner opens, which can be used to scan the barcode of the product. As soon as a product has been reported by 20 people, the manufacturer receives an automated message in the name of the association with the request to rethink the packaging.

Further information:

Why selected

We are impressed by the Coast against Plastics association founded by Jennifer and Frank Timrott from Sankt-Peter-Ording up in Schleswig Holstein. Not only because he takes up a topic that currently occupies many people, but especially how the association tackles the problem. With the app against plastic waste the association uses the reach of digital media to fight the problem of plastic waste at its roots by persuading people to protest against nonsensical packaging online when shopping in the supermarket. And at the same time the association does not see itself as an opponent of the economy, on the contrary: on the website the Timrotts list local companies that act in an exemplary manner.

People 80%
The association helps to motivate people and companies to change their thinking
Planet 90%
marine conservation
Profit 70%
The association works with low costs, since it wins the consumers as Campaigner for the common goals
Innovation 80%
Development of an App
Win-win 70%
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