Make a positive impact every day with the Gexsi New Tab

We have developed a browser extension for your computer that enhances your homepage with a variety of practical and informative features – with every new tab opened. Besides, the embedded search engine generates funds for social innovators who contribute to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


The Gexsi New Tab browser extension – useful, informative, impactful

Our “New Tab” expansion is live! With this easy-to-install desktop extension you define what shows up when you open a new tab. The innovative extension is more than just a start page for our social search engine Gexsi:

  • Instant access to the most relevant websites: The screen displays the icons of the websites which you visit most frequently or, if you change the mode, the pages which you define as your favorites.
  • Attractive design: You can choose a neutral background or between a variety of attractive full-screen wallpapers. Optionally, you can have alternating background images every day or with every new tab opened.
  • Social search engine Gexsi: Your search generates money for projects which make the world a better place, in particular: for social entrepreneurs who identify news ways to make the 17 Sustainable Development Goals happen. In addition, you search with better data protection. We protect you and your privacy.
  • Stay tuned: The integrated newsfeed provides you with the lates news about the projects you support with your search. It is good to know to make the world a better place every day you use the Gexsi search.

That is, the Gexsi New Tab extension defines Gexsi as your startpage and includes a number of additional useful features to improve your every day user experience.



We programmed the desktop extension to ensure a maximal positive user experience. It is very simple to install the extension with just one click from the official Google Chrome Webstore. By the way. It is as easy to de-install it, in case you are undecided. You can adjust the multiple settings directly on the desktop screen, such as the background images. It is even possible to switch between different search engine provide. For the start, we defined Gexsi and Google as the default providers.

You love the Good News App? You can now use it also for your desktop computer

We love the Good News. We share the ambition to inspire as many people as possible to think positively and to take action to positively change the world. We engaged in a partnership with Good News, not only by contributing content, but also through our brand new Good News browser extension. This customized New Tab extension has the same features as our own. The core difference: Instead of featuring the news about the projects which we support, we feed in the Good News stream. Besides, a part of the revenues are allocated to support the Good News editorial team to ensures that the service continues to be offered for free for everyone. Our tip: Download both extensions (this is possible!) and use both or the one you like best..

Search with Gexsi and support Good News

The desktop extension is available for the Google Chrome Browser. It is also compatible with the  Microsoft Edge Browser (if you have previously checked the box “Allow extensions from other stores”). Here is the link to the official Google Chrome Webstore to set-up the Good News browser extension, powered by Gexsi:


We want to empower as many organisations as possible to engage their fans and followers – or employees – for a their own good cause. We therefore offer further like-minded organizations who seek to support a worthwhile good cause to engage with us to multiply our joint social impact. You are curious or have questions or suggestions? Write us an email: