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13.11.2019 — BBC

Turning Paris car parks into mushrooms farms

Falling car ownership means many underground car parks in La Chapelle are now standing empty. So why not turn them into mushroom...

Image: screenshot via

13.11.2019 — Forbes

How virtual reality is revolutionizing healthcare in Japan

If you suffer a stroke, can virtual reality help you learn to walk again? That’s exactly what one Japanese startup is exploring, and early results are...

Image: Japan BrandVoice via

13.11.2019 — Inhabitat

These transparent glass vases let you grow your own avocado tree

Ilex Studio‘s minimalist glass vases allow plant lovers to show off the plant’s incredible root...

Image: Ilex Studio via

13.11.2019 — BBC

Ending violence against women by focusing on teenaged boys

India’s Action for Equality programme seeks to end violence against women – by focusing on teenaged...

Image: screenshot via

13.11.2019 — Euronews

Netherlands to slash speed limit to combat air pollution

Drivers in the Netherlands will soon be limited to just 100 kilometers per hour on Dutch roadways, in an effort to make an immediate and dramatic reduction in air...

Image: zharate1/DepositPhotos via

13.11.2019 — ABC

Silver-backed chevrotain, thought extinct, caught on camera in Vietnam

While its small and fragmented population means the animal is still highly vulnerable to extinction, the find has been perceived as...

Image: Andrew Tilker via

11.11.2019 — Mashable

Tampons in Germany will no longer be taxed as luxury items

Around the world, menstrual products are often taxed at rates higher than those of other 'daily necessities'. Following a petition signed by 190 000 people, Germany will reduce its rate from 19 to 7...

Image: Joshua Yospyn for The Washington Post via

11.11.2019 — The Engineer

This 3D printer might revolutionize manufacturing

Researchers from Northwestern University have developed a stereolithography-based 3D printing technology claimed to achieve print rates of up to 45 cm per...

Image: Northwestern University via

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