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06.12.2019 — CNN

Air New Zealand is testing edible coffee cups

Air New Zealand is going green through its partnership with New Zealand-based Twiice, a family-run business that develops vanilla-flavoured plant-based...

Image: Air New Zealand via

06.12.2019 — Renews Economy

Ireland unveils plan for 70 percent clean energy by 2030

Ireland has published the details of its long-awaited Renewable Electricity Support Scheme this week, finally unveiling how the country plans to increase its share of renewable energy capacity to 70...

06.12.2019 — The Guardian

How music can help ease postnatal depression

The Melodies for Mums singing class, run by the not-for-profit social enterprise Breathe Arts Health Research, aims to help new mothers with postnatal depression, combat their symptoms - and help...

Image: Richard Eaton

06.12.2019 — Deutsche Welle

A jungle hike to Brazil's grandmother tree

A giant, 900-year-old tree is the destination of countless eco-friendly hikes through northern Brazil'S rainforest. Ecotourism helps to preserve it and to protect the surrounding area from...

06.12.2019 — Euronews

Combining size inclusivity with sustainability

Fashion labels offering true size inclusivity are hard to find - and sustainable size-inclusive brands are even harder to get hold of. These two independent businesses are going the extra lengths to...

Image via

06.12.2019 —

This T-shirt uses your body heat to ... charge your phone

Researchers from the University of Málaga in Spain and the Italian Institute of Technology have designed a T-shirt that generates electricity from the temperature difference between the wearer’s...

Image: Radionphoto/iStock via

06.12.2019 — We choose optimism!

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04.12.2019 — Citylab

Holland wants to bring back its dark, starry nights

Dutch campaigners have started a movement aimed at changing lighting habits. Every year, the campaign culminates with the 'Night of the Night', during which people gather outside to enjoy the absence...

Image: Jesse Meliefste/Nacht van de Nacht via

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