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X-runner – Affordable waterless toilets

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The Swiss-Peruvian women-led social enterprise gives low-income urban communities access to clean and affordable sanitation facilities.
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18.03.2019 — Yale Environment 360

Last week, Germany hit a record for percentage of electricity generated by renewables

Supplying 65% of German electric production, renewables produced so much energy that they forced fossil fuel plants to reduce production nuclear facilities to shut down at...

Photo by Johan Bos/Pexels

18.03.2019 — The Age

Data from animal tests banned from use in Australia

Cosmetics companies will no longer be able to use data from animal testing starting next...

Photo via The Age

18.03.2019 — Thomson Reuters Foundation News

India to use drones to give land rights to 15 million households

By ensuring that villagers receive land titles, the Indian government is providing better access to security and economic...

Photo by Danish Siddiqui via Thomson Reuters Foundation News

18.03.2019 — The Guardian

Major Japanese investors move from coal to renewables

Many large investors owe their success to coal. However, a growing shift in energy market could herald the end of coal-fired...

Photo via The Guardian

18.03.2019 — National Geographic

The future of sustainable cities

Future developments will require that humanity's needs are met while keeping nature's in...

Photo by Jason Treat via National Geographic

18.03.2019 — Reset

Could glass beads be the key to restoring Arctic ice?

By protecting the ice from melting, these beads will allow Arctic to continue is role of reflecting solar...

Photo by NASA via Reset

18.03.2019 — The Guardian

Recycling fabrics for a reduced environmental impact

Recycling fabrics would significantly reduce reliance on resource-intensive production, from vast quantities of water for cotton to petroleum for...

Photo by David Kelly via The Guardian

18.03.2019 — The BBC

More than just mushrooms

How fungi are providing surprising solutions to some of humanity's greatest...

Photo via The BBC

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