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18.10.2019 — ABC News

Australian prisoners are finding purpose by caring for orphaned lambs

A correctional center in New South Wales is testing a new and unusual form of rehabilitation: Prisoners are helping farmers by caring for their orphaned lambs. So far, the program seems to be a...

18.10.2019 — The Guardian

Renewable energy outpaces fossil fuels in UK for the first time

Over the last quarter, wind turbines, solar panels and other renewable energy sources have generated more electricity than coal and natural...

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18.10.2019 — Deutsche Welle

Replacing plastic straws with grass

Even simple ideas can make a difference: This young Ugandan entrepreneur is manufacturing straws the same way his grandparents did - by using...

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18.10.2019 — AP News

Learning how to coexist with lions

Due to educational efforts, the longstanding rivalry between Tanzania's Maasai and the lions feeding on their cattle is slowly transforming into a peaceful coexistence that allows the species to...

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18.10.2019 — Good News Network

New test can diagnose Lyme disease in just 15 minutes

Current testing for Lyme disease requires days or weeks - and experienced personnel in a lab. A new test can detect the disease just 15...

18.10.2019 — BBC

Russian alcohol consumption plummets 43 percent in 15 years

According to a World Health Organization report, Russian alcohol consumption decreased by 43% from 2003 to 2016. The decline is attributed to a series of alcohol-control policies and a push towards...

Image: AFP via

18.10.2019 — We choose optimism!

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At a time when negative headlines dominate reality, our app keeps you happy, motivated and inspired. But in order to remain independent and free-of-charge, we need your support. If you’re able to,...

16.10.2019 — Intelligent Living

Costa Rica to completely ban polystyrene

Costa Rica is the first country in the world to ban the import and sale of polystyrene due to environmental concerns. The law will come into effect in...

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