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20.09.2019 — Sci Tech Daily

Cancer treatment may have a golden future

Researchers have engineered gold-based molecules that wipe out cancerous cells without harming surrounding tissue, in a critical step towards making cancer treatments more...

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20.09.2019 — The Guardian

Student makes biodegradable plastic from fish waste

Her solution not only tackles the problem of single-use plastics but also that of inefficient waste streams. It takes four to six weeks for the material to break down in a soil...

Photo: Dyson via

20.09.2019 — Fast Company

This 'open-source' house design could save the world

While looking for a way to address the need for more energy-efficient housing, city officials in Phoenix, Arizona, came up with the idea of launching a design competition and making the winning plan...

Photo: Marlene Imirzian & Associates Architects via

20.09.2019 — Medical Xpress

Anti-psoriasis compound could be used to treat malaria, study finds

According to a paper published in the journal Science Translational Medicine, the new compound stops the malaria parasite from replicating in infected humans and from being transmitted to...

Photo: CDC via

20.09.2019 — Euronews

One of Europe's biggest ride-hailing apps is going carbon neutral

Bolt plans to achieve carbon neutrality by improving in-house energy efficiency, adding more shared and electric vehicles to its fleets, and investing in carbon offset projects such as...

Photo: Bolt via

20.09.2019 — Fast Company

This startup lets you subscribe to support an army of tree-planting drones

A new company, called Now, wants to tackle the climate crisis by providing anyone who wants to fight climate change with a chance to support effective solutions such as planting trees via...

Photo: Nerthuz/iStock, Nathan Anderson/Unsplash via

20.09.2019 — We choose optimism!

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18.09.2019 — BBC

Ozone hole could be the smallest in three decades

Need some more proof that global concerted action can positively impact climate change? The ozone hole over Antarctica this year could be one of the smallest seen in three decades, say...


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