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12 June 2019
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Good News

Your Daily Dose of Optimism

12.07.2019 — Inhabitat

France plans eco-tax for air fares

The tax will only apply to outgoing flights and not to those flying into the country. The generated revenue will be invested into cleaner transportation technology and...

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12.07.2019 — The Week

New 'unprinting' tech could boost paper recycling

Rutgers University scientists have found a way to erase black, blue, red and green toners from printed pages. The method makes it possible to 'unprint' and then reprint on the same paper at least...

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12.07.2019 — NPR

How a community in Mali brought child mortality down from 154 to 7 per 1,000 births

In Yirimadio, a neighborhood in the capital city of Bamako, pregnant women and little kids get regular home visits from a health worker - and free health care. In 2022, the ground-breaking program...

Photo: Peter Yeung via

12.07.2019 — The Better India

Indian couple recycles 6,000 newspapers into eco-friendly pencils

8 million trees are cut every year to make 20 billion pencils. So why not use old newspapers to produce pencils that don’t...

Photo: Dopolgy via

12.07.2019 — The Guardian

How Syrian refugees are changing the UK's food scene

A growing number of Syrian refugees in the UK are turning their culinary talents into viable businesses introducing Syrian cuisine and culture to the country’s food...

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12.07.2019 — We choose optimism!

Support Good News

At a time when negative headlines dominate reality, our app keeps you happy, motivated and inspired. But in order to remain independent and free-of-charge, we need your support. If you’re able to,...

10.07.2019 — Tea after Twelve

Cleaning Beijing air with smog-sucking bikes

Cycling prevents enormous amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. But what if we could do even better, and ride smog-cleaning bicycles that suck up polluted...

Photo: Daan Roosegarde via

10.07.2019 — The Connexion

French town sets speed limit to 30 kph on all roads

Bègles, a town of 27,000 inhabitants on the banks of the Garonne River, has become the first of its size in France to introduce a 30 kph speed limit on all of its...

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